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Ellen Catherwood, CSP, CSPWC, NOAA


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Ellen Catherwood

Artist Statement

  • I paint realistically working in transparent watercolours.  For me, no other medium gives the same glow that comes from within a watercolour painting. Stretching outside my comfort zone, I constantly push the medium and myself to see what we both can do. I feel I am successful in my art if I am able to tell a story, evoke an emotion in the viewer or capture someone’s personality. 
  • Vast landscapes seem impersonal to me, no matter how beautiful. I prefer a more intimate view of the world. My landscapes often include figures, animals, or signs that they have been there. Portraits done by the old masters are what inspired me to try painting and I am drawn to the effects of light on people and everyday objects. I am fascinated with reflections and shadows and strong darks are the first thing I notice and often where I start my paintings.  


Ellen Catherwood

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