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Fine art by Ellen Catherwood

  Member of:

  CSPWC (Canadian Society of Painters

  in Watercolour)

  PSC (Portrait Society of Canada)


Paper and Quality

My watercolour paintings are done on Fabriano Artistico Extra White, 300 lb, WC paper and I use only artist quality watercolour paints.


If you are considering commissioning a painting, there are a few things to consider…

I paint from photographs but not every photo can be turned into a painting. A good reference photo has a lot of detail, is large enough to work from (wallet sized is too small), and has side lighting (flash lighting is harsh and flattens features). I can change the composition, or combine two or three objects (if the lighting is from the same direction), but I need a good reference photo to make a good painting.


If you have a general idea for a painting but no photos for me to work from, I will research and find photos that are copy-right free.

I cannot use copy-righted material such as someone else’s painting or photo (for example - a photo from a magazine).


Other considerations... time, look, and cost.

Paintings take time. Allow at least a few months before a deadline.

You must decide whether you want your commission to be a traditional watercolour framed under glass, or varnished which does not require glass

 looking more like an oil or acrylic painting.



Prices depend on size, not on the subject.

All sizes are approximate and may vary slightly depending on composition or framing issues.

5 x 7 inches- $100

8 x 10 inches- $200

11 x 14 inches- $400

16 x 20 inches- $800

22 x 28 inches- $1200

I will inform you when your painting is being started. On my website is an area called “On The Easel”.

After each painting session, I take a photo of my progress and post it.

That way you can follow along as your painting develops.

 If you do not want your painting displayed on my website, inform me and it won’t be shown.




Be aware that commissioning a painting does not include the copyright which remains with me.

You are not allowed to reproduce your painting without my written permission.


Contact Ellen Catherwood to request a commission.

Email ellencc@hotmail.com

or phone 705-268-7082.



Contact Ellen: ellencc@hotmail.com or call 705-268-7082

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